Want a Better Night’s Sleep? Follow These Tips

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Sleep is required for optimal health; it allows the brain to restore and rejuvenate. Without quality sleep, you increase your risk of accidents, both on the job and operating a vehicle, compromise your immune system, and increase your risk of developing other health-related issues. If you are longing for a restful night’s sleep, follow these tips.

Keep the room cool

Be sure not to have the thermostat too high when you sleep because that is when your internal temperature drops. Research indicates that this drop in temperature even induces sleep.

Keep out the light

Even an alarm clock or nightlight is enough light to interfere with your circadian clock and disrupt sleep. Make sure you have curtains or shades on your windows that block outside light. If you must have a light on for safety, to see going to the bathroom and such, wear an eye mask over your eyes while you sleep.

No electronic devices in the bedroom

Instead of falling asleep with the TV on, or looking at your phone, keep these entertainment devices out of the bedroom. The light emitted from these screens disrupts sleep, and can end up keeping you awake for a longer period.

Avoid stimulants too close to bedtime

Wine, coffee, and even chocolate can interfere with your ability to sleep well. Instead, drink warm unsweetened almond milk with a small amount of stevia and vanilla (the real deal, not imitation), which helps increase serotonin production and facilitate restful sleep.

Skip the naps

Napping too often for too long will disrupt your natural sleeping pattern. Instead, try to push through until bedtime and establish a sleep routine. Stick to going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. If you must take a nap, make it no longer than 20 minutes, and not too close to bedtime.

Exercise regularly

Daily exercise is beneficial for insomnia. Just be sure not to exercise too close to bedtime or you could risk not being able to fall asleep on time.

Don’t toss and turn

If you find that you are not able to fall asleep when bedtime arrives, do not just lay there tossing and turning. Instead, move to a different room to read or relax in another fashion. Eventually, you will feel tired again and want to fall asleep.

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