Parents, Here’s What you Need to Know About Mouth Breathing

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Have you ever looked at your child and noticed them breathing through their mouth even when they were not sick or congested? If you have, keep reading. Mouth breathing can have devastating effects on one’s health and development. Luckily, there is a solution to this health concern.

Chronic mouth breathing can lead to concerns such as sleep apnea, and interferes with speech development, and leads to problems chewing and swallowing. In fact, when mouth breathing begins early in life, a child’s looks can be completely altered. Ever noticed someone who’s lips are pursed when they close their mouth to swallow? How about someone who looked as though their upper front teeth protruded significantly forward, giving the appearance of “buck teeth?” Both of these are characteristics of a mouth breather.

Not so caught up on looks? Although you may not be all too worried about your child’s looks, how about their health? Mouth breathing leads to improper positioning of the tongue, resulting in a narrow upper palate. In this case, the person is likely to develop sleep-breathing disorders such as sleep apnea. A narrow upper palate can also lead to overcrowded teeth, an uneven bite, and TMJ disorder. So, when it comes to mouth breathing, it certainly has to do with more than just looks.

Correcting mouth breathing may be easier than you think. Myofunctional therapy is essentially physical therapy for the mouth and facial muscles. Re-educating these muscles, and improving posture and muscle tone encourages nasal breathing, which is by far healthier for the patient. When a patient receives myofunctional therapy, the exercises are specific to his or her needs and are outlined in an individualized treatment plan.  

Tackling the mouth breathing issue early on is best. However, even adults can benefit from myofunctional therapy. If you notice your child is a chronic mouth breather, please schedule a consultation with Miami Designer Smiles. Our certified myofunctional therapist can get your child down the road to a healthier life.

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