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Summer Oral Health Care

Summer has finally arrived, and with it comes fun times spent outdoors in the sunshine! While it’s always beautiful here year round, the summer is special. Kids are [...]

Tobacco Destroys Oral Health

  While World No Tobacco Day came and went May 21, the message behind this important global holiday remains. Tobacco-related deaths continue to increase around the planet, and [...]

Why Oral Health Matters During Quarantine

While researchers race around the clock to find a cure or develop a vaccine for COVID-19, many around the world are left wondering what they can do to [...]

Brushing Tablets May Help Seniors Who Cannot Brush Teeth

There’s no question that nursing homes have been hit hard by COVID-19. With an aged population, many of whom have underlying health conditions and live in close quarters, [...]

Probiotics and Oral Health

In recent years, you may have heard of something called probiotics in the news and on television commercials. These microorganisms are credited with a multitude of health benefits, [...]

The Dangers of Vaping

We’ve been hearing a lot about vaping in the news recently, and none of it good. While some people credit vaping (smoking e-cigarettes that use a fluid that [...]

Taking Teeth Au Naturale

For some people, using oral hygiene products with synthetic ingredients is a no-go. Whether they fear these ingredients for some reason or simply don’t like the taste or [...]

Full Mouth Restoration is an Investment in Yourself

Chances are we will all make significant investments in our lifetime. From buying stocks to a new car or investing in your own home, some investments pay off [...]

Dental Mysteries: Solved

There are many mysteries in life. Some of them remain unsolved, while others have clearly defined answers we just may not know about - especially when it comes [...]

Waterpiking vs. Flossing

We’ve all heard the American Dental Association recommendations to brush our teeth twice a day and floss daily. But for some people, this is easier said than done. [...]