Summer Oral Health Care

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Summer has finally arrived, and with it comes fun times spent outdoors in the sunshine! While it’s always beautiful here year round, the summer is special. Kids are out of school, beaches are full of people, and summer sports are in full swing. But summer also means it’s time to take special care of your oral health. Here’s why.


Sports can be great for your body, but really bad for your teeth. With sugar-packed sports drinks and gels and the risk your teeth take with physical activity, there’s a lot to keep an eye out for. That’s why we recommend re-hydrating with water and brushing your teeth after consuming sports drinks or sports gels.

For sports like baseball, softball, bicycling, skating, basketball and even volleyball, one fall could be dangerous to the teeth. For this, we recommend a custom mouth guard. It helps protect the teeth if you fall or take a ball or stick to the mouth!


The sun can be warm and relaxing, but it can also be dangerous to your mouth. Not wearing adequate sun protection can cause burns to the lips, which can turn into skin cancer. When in the sun, we recommend wearing an SPF on the face, lips and body. Aim for an SPF of at least 30 that is broad spectrum and zinc based.

Summer Foods

Summer is carnival and theme park season, and with that come a lot of sticky, sugary foods, like candy apples, cotton candy, taffy and ice cream. While delicious, these indulgences can cause not just cavities, but also lost fillings, so be careful when consuming them!


While going on vacation itself is great for your mental health, packing your day full of excursions may not be the best for your oral health. That’s because you may forget to pack your toothbrush, or simply forget to brush when you’re not following your regular routine. If you do decide to pack up and go this summer, enjoy! You’ve earned it – just don’t forget to care for your oral health while you’re away.

Skipped Appointments

Too nice a day to keep that dentist appointment? Don’t do that! Summer is the perfect time to schedule your cleaning and exam, especially for kids who are out of school. Don’t put off your oral care because of the beautiful weather. Come in and get a clean bill of health so you can get back out there and enjoy yourself!

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