Gum Health

Exploring the Link Between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Periodontal Disease

Most people never consider that two seemingly completely different diseases can be intertwined. There are a surprising number of health concerns that are all exacerbated by periodontal disease, [...]

Grin and ‘Bare’ It?

Can your gums be too ... prominent? Yes, as a matter of fact, they can. A gummy smile is one that shows too much of your gum line, [...]

The Powerful Smile Line

When you think about going to the dentist, you probably think about your teeth. It's natural. We think about your teeth, too. But, we also think about your [...]

Tobacco Destroys Oral Health

  While World No Tobacco Day came and went May 21, the message behind this important global holiday remains. Tobacco-related deaths continue to increase around the planet, and [...]

British Survey Reveals Odd Uses for Teeth

Our teeth are pretty interesting, aren’t they? They’re covered in enamel, which, though irreplaceable, is the strongest substance in the entire body. They’re strong enough to apply 200 [...]

Why Oral Health Matters During Quarantine

While researchers race around the clock to find a cure or develop a vaccine for COVID-19, many around the world are left wondering what they can do to [...]

Brushing Tablets May Help Seniors Who Cannot Brush Teeth

There’s no question that nursing homes have been hit hard by COVID-19. With an aged population, many of whom have underlying health conditions and live in close quarters, [...]

The Oral Microbiome and Overall Health

When it comes to your mouth, there’s some confusing terminology floating around, such as the term "oral microbiome." While it may sound complicated, your oral microbiome is just [...]

Psoriasis and Oral Health

You may have heard that your oral health is a gateway to the health of the rest of your body. Truly, when you have oral health problems, your [...]

Plaque-Reducing Toothpaste Could Prevent Inflammation

A new study in the American Journal of Medicine is taking the link between inflammation and oral health a step further. Taking into account that the inflammation from [...]