There’s many reasons amalgam fillings probably should be removed. One of them is that there’s no glue between an amalgam and the enamel in the dentin, so over time there will be leakage on the walls of the silver filling and the enamel and the dentin.



Tooth-colored fillings provide you with a safer and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to metal amalgam fillings. Miami cosmetic dentists Dr. Raul Garcia and Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia will match your tooth-colored filling to the shade of your natural teeth, making them virtually invisible.

There are several benefits to using tooth-colored fillings instead of metal amalgam fillings. Most importantly, tooth-colored fillings will more effectively preserve your remaining natural tooth structure. Metal amalgam fillings can expand and contract with the temperature changes in your mouth that accompany normal eating and drinking. Normal tooth structure is not elastic and is not designed to endure these changes in shape of the metal fillings. Also, the metal fillings in your tooth are not bonded to your tooth. Over time, this situation may result in tooth fracture.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of a durable composite resin material that does not change in size or shape in the presence of different temperatures. This material is bonded to your tooth and will withstand moderate chewing pressure. This results in newly restored teeth that are stronger and resistant to fracture.

Yet for many people, the most desirable benefit of tooth-colored fillings is their natural appearance. Even in your back teeth, metal amalgam fillings create a dark spot that can be seen when you talk and laugh. Your tooth-colored filling will blend in perfectly with your natural teeth so that no one will ever notice it is there. Consider a back-tooth makeover that results in prettier, stronger teeth that you can enjoy for a long time.

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Natural-Looking Restorations

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings, also called composite fillings, are used for small cavities or areas of decay. They are made of glass or quartz filler in a resin medium to provide strong, natural-looking restorations. Our Miami cosmetic dentists will prepare your tooth by removing any decay and damaged tooth structure.

Your tooth is cleaned and prepared with a special adhesive that will bond the tooth-colored filling in place. Next they will place the paste-like composite resin into the hole in your tooth, sculpting the paste so that it fits seamlessly. A special light hardens the filling solidly in place.

If you do not have enough healthy tooth left to support a composite filling, Dr. Garcia and Dr. Sanchez-Garcia will recommend porcelain inlays/onlays instead.

Replacing Old Fillings

If you already have metal fillings, failing fillings or fillings that have become discolored, we can replace them with beautiful tooth-colored fillings. When we remove your old fillings, we will check for any damage that they may have caused. In some cases, a larger restoration such as a porcelain inlay or onlay or a dental crown will be needed to restore the damaged tooth.

If the filling has fractured your tooth, a root canal treatment may be needed first to treat any infection, prevent or stop any pain, and save the tooth. Replacing old metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings will make a big difference in your smile. You will no longer have unsightly blotches of metal marring your smile. Instead, your new fillings will look natural and beautiful. Please contact our Miami cosmetic dentists today to schedule your initial appointment. Miami Designer Smiles serves patients in Miami and Coral Gables, Florida.