Water picking, electric toothbrush and the regular professional cleanings are all a very important component that we like to review with the patient on a regular basis.

General Dentistry


Are you looking for a “one-stop-shop” for all your dentistry needs? Look no further than Miami Designer Smiles! Dr. Raul Garcia and Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia offer patients in the Miami, Florida, area a full array of dentistry options, including general dentistry services.

At Miami Designer Smiles, we believe that high-quality dental care is the foundation for good oral and overall health. As a result, we offer our patients the most comprehensive dental and oral health care in the Miami Area. From professional cleanings to preventative treatments, from dental restorations and gum, we are here to serve all of your general and preventative dentistry needs.

We enjoy developing strong relationships with all of our general and preventative dentistry patients, and we look forward to serving you and your family!

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General Dentistry in Miami, Florida

At Miami Designer Smiles, we offer patients the best dental care in the greater Miami area. We believe it is critical to treat dental and oral health issues in a timely manner to keep patients healthy. We also offer patients a range of restorative dental services, including fillings, extractions, dental crowns, tooth extractions, gum care, endodontics and TMJD treatment. We take care of our patients by providing comprehensive oral exams, gum and oral disease diagnosis, and consultation and treatment planning.

General Dentistry

Comprehensive Dentistry

Preventing Problems

Have you heard the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? That’s something we believe in and practice at Miami Designer Smiles through our preventative dentistry treatments. Preventative dentistry helps to eliminate or reduce the risk of problems that may develop with your dental, oral and overall health through:

  • Professional cleanings
  • Patient education about proper oral hygiene practices, ideal dietary habits, and minimizing the individual risk of gum disease, tooth decay and other oral health problems
  • Topical fluoride
  • Dental sealants, a thin, protective coating (made from plastic or other dental materials) applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to help prevent cavities and tooth decay
  • Oral cancer screenings
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Often daily symptoms, especially pain, are overlooked and become just a part of your life. Learn more about Liz’s life changing procedure she received after a recommendation at her regular dental check up.

I didn’t realize that my body was kind of slanting towards one side. I had a lot of headaches, I was grinding my teeth and they were symptoms that I kind of learn to live with. Dr. Garcia tied them all together.

General Dentistry


Practicing good dental hygiene at home is critical; brushing at least twice per day and flossing at least once per day (yes, every day!) plays a significant role in preventing gum disease and tooth decay. But brushing and flossing are not the only things you need to maintain good dental and oral health.

We recommend visiting the dentist at least twice a year for a professional dental cleaning. However, some individuals may require more frequent visits to address specific issues, such as periodontal disease. Professional cleanings are a preventative treatment that removes dental plaque from areas your toothbrush cannot reach.

Seeing the dentist twice a year for cleanings is also important because it gives our dentists the chance to comprehensively examine your teeth’s health, along with your gums, bite and jaw joints. Dental exams are critical in identifying and treating issues in their earliest stages with the least invasive methods.

Family Atmosphere

Why Choose Miami Designer Smiles for General and Preventative Dentistry

Here’s why: Miami Designer Smiles has a proven record of providing top-notch preventative and general dental care to patients in the Miami and Coral Gables area. Dr. Raula Garcia and Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia are both here for you and your entire family to help keep your teeth healthy or get your oral health back on track with our patient-centered approach and gentle touch. We pride ourselves on offering top-not general and preventative dentistry for more than 25 years and make your health and well-being our top priority.

Please contact Miami Designer Smiles today by calling 305-595-4616 to schedule your initial appointment. Miami Designer Smiles serves patients in the Miami and Coral Gables, Florida, area.

Virtual Consultation


Our online consults haven’t stopped! We are working hard to make sure your dental needs don’t have to wait! Connect with us today and get all of your questions answered for free in three easy steps.

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Join Our Dental Family

We don’t treat teeth. We treat people. We treat patients of all ages and recognize that different life stages mean different things for your dental health and require a variety of dental treatment approaches.

Not Just for You, for Your Family, Too!

We have designed our office to accommodate your entire family’s dentistry needs conveniently so that you and your loved ones can receive all your dental treatments in one place — including pediatric dentistry services. In fact, we see many children as soon as their first tooth erupts!

As your family dentists, Dr. Garcia and Dr. Sanchez-Garcia work to make you feel at home and maintain ongoing relationships with their patients. As a result, they can more easily anticipate many of the dental issues you may be at risk of developing down the road, and they can design your treatment plan to help prevent many of these issues from arising.

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Keeping You Educated

Patient Education

Know better, do better, right? We believe this and as a result, we make educating our patients a priority, so that they can live their best and most comfortable life. This means we will talk to you about things such as good oral hygiene practices, how eating healthy can benefit your teeth and oral health, discussing how certain behaviors can negatively impact the teeth and mouth and how you can lower your individual risk of developing gum disease, tooth decay or other oral health problems.

We’re also here for any questions you may have regarding your oral health, your risk of developing oral health problems and our treatments.

Call us today with your questions!

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Topical Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral found in soil, water, and some foods and beverages. Fluoride plays a big role in the health of your teeth by making your tooth enamel more resistant to attacks from the bacteria that live in the sticky dental film known as plaque that can spread across your teeth and gums. Fluoride can also help strengthen your tooth enamel, which can help repair tooth decay before a cavity begins.

We offer patients topical fluoride treatments to improve the health of their teeth. These treatments are done in-office, take just a few minutes and are part of your regularly dental cleaning and exam. A fluoride gel, foam or varnish is applied to your teeth with a brush, swab or via rinse.  After your treatment, you may be asked not to brush, floss, eat or drink for at least 30 minutes to allow your teeth to absorb the fluoride and help repair small areas of decay. We generally recommend you have topical fluoride applied at each dentist visit.

In some instances, we may also suggest an over-the-counter or prescription toothpaste or mouthrinse product to further strengthen your teeth.

Dental Sealants

In addition to brushing, flossing, seeing the dentist and fluoride, there’s another way to keep your teeth healthy: dental sealants. Dental sealants are a thin protective coating applied to your molars that can help prevent tooth decay and cavities. The molars, because they are rough, uneven and can be a place for food to get stuck (which means they’re also a place that cavity-causing bacteria like to hang out). Sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of tooth decay by nearly 80 percent in molars, and some research conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that school-age children who do not have sealants have three times the cavities than those without sealants.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer affects more than 50,000 people each year. While you may not think about it as something that can affect you, we do! Oral cancer is on the rise, but with early detection and diagnosis, it is treatable with favorable outcomes in many cases. As oral cancer is very serious, we recognize the importance of early oral cancer detection and offer patients oral cancer screenings.

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