Is a Pediatric Dentist Necessary?


As parents, we all want to do what’s best for our children, whether that’s feeding them nutritious foods, making sure they have an education or taking care of their teeth. One of the questions we get a lot is, “Do my kids need to see a pediatric dentist?” It’s a great question – after all, they do specialize in the care of children’s teeth. But is it really necessary? Here are some reasons why it may not be.

General Dentistry Works

A general dentist is trained to care for teeth of all ages and sizes – including children’s. Just because we don’t specialize in the care of children doesn’t mean we don’t have the same expertise as pediatric dentists.

We Grow With You

Another benefit to bringing your child to a general dentist is that we get to know your child as he or she grows up. This provides a sense of stability, familiarity and comfort with our team, making it easier to go to the dentist. Best of all, when your child reaches maturity, they can still be seen by the same team!

We Can Do Orthodontics

Does your child need braces? We can take care of that, too! Dr. Garcia does orthodontics as well as full-mouth reconstruction right here in his practice.

We’re Well Connected

If your child needs to see a specialist for any reason, we’ve got the connections to reputable referrals in the community, including pediatric dentists if that’s your preference.

We Get to Know YOU

As your dental team, we love to get to know you, the patient. It is our honor and pleasure to care for you and get to know your family. It helps us learn more about you, and it helps us care for you better. Plus, if we have a good rapport with you, you’re more likely to come to us if there is an issue. We want you to feel comfortable no matter what.

Ultimately, whether you choose a general dentist or a pediatric dentist for your child is up to you, but consider the benefits of using a general dentist for your family before making your decision!

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