Pinhole Technique a Less Painful Treatment for Receding Gums

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As we age, many health issues can arise – especially in our mouths. Periodontal disease, lost teeth and receding gums are just a few oral health issues that many people face as they get older. Worse yet, these conditions can be both painful and dangerous to your long-term oral and overall health. Treatment of these conditions can be painful as well – especially the treatment of receding gums. That is, until now.

Dr. Garcia offers a much more comfortable way to treat receding gums than traditional gum-grafting methods. It’s called the pinhole method, and it’s revolutionizing the way we treat receding gums.

The pinhole technique is being touted as the best new innovation in treating gum recession – and for good reason. This procedure is not only less painful than gum grafting, but it’s also faster and just as effective.

It’s done by cutting a pin-sized hole in the affected gum tissue. Then, a tiny device is inserted into the hole. The device stretches the receding tissue so it covers more of the tooth. Next, the gum is filled with collagen strips, which hold the stretched tissue in place in lieu of stitches. This makes for a less painful procedure and a much more comfortable and faster recovery process.

The collagen not only holds the newly stretched tissue in place, but it also helps the gums generate new tissue, which also covers the tooth, protecting it from decay and from exposing already present decay. It also lessens tooth sensitivity, and because the procedure is much quicker than traditional gum grafting, usually it can be completed in just one visit.

So, who is a good candidate for gum grafting? Healthy patients who do not smoke or who can quit smoking prior to the procedure, patients who are free of gum disease and have relatively healthy oral and overall health, and patients who have enough gum tissue to allow the tissue to spread when stretched by the pinhole device.

If you have receding gums, there’s no need to fear treatment. Dr. Garcia is trained in the pinhole method and can easily and more comfortably treat your receding gums in less time than a gum-grafting procedure. If you are interested in learning more about this revolutionary new treatment or you know you need it and have been putting it off, now is the time to schedule your appointment with Dr. Garcia. Give us a call at (305) 595-4616.