Why Braces By Mail Are a Bad Idea

shutterstock 1372300547If you’re like many people, you have probably lamented at one point or another that there never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the things you need to do. From picking up the dry cleaning to bringing the kids to soccer practice, our to-do lists seem never ending, and seemingly growing by the minute.

While you know that putting off your oral health is a big problem, often we do fall out of our routine to save a few minutes elsewhere, and things like flossing or brushing for a full two minutes at a time fall to the wayside.

That’s where convenience dentistry has found a niche in the market and has quickly capitalized on busy Americans- but it could be harmful to their oral health. Here’s why.

Recently, we’ve noticed an uptick in patients seeking treatment from orthodontics by mail programs. These programs promise straighter teeth via clear aligners – without the time required in the dental chair with programs such as Invisalign or traditional wire and bracket braces. But for all the time they supposedly save, these services are not without some major pratfalls.

For starters, the patient is left to their own devices in swapping out and monitoring their progress with the aligners. An incorrectly done mold of your teeth could mean delayed progress or misalignment of your bite. A lost or broken retainer could take time to arrive in the mail, also setting progress behind schedule. Even a tooth coming loose or needing to be pulled or worked on can hamper progress, and be totally missed by the dental professionals at the lab patients receive their molds from.

Though many services contract with dentists to monitor progress, this may require you to switch dental practices to undergo treatment, causing you to deal with a dentist that you may not feel comfortable with. For some people this can make attending dental appointments difficult and fraught with anxiety, and with upwards of 75 percent of Americans suffering from some degree of dental phobia (odontophobia) this can be a major problem.

If you are interested in getting a straighter, healthier smile, there are solutions that can be done in quick visits that save you time with your busy schedule. Being closely monitored by Dr. Garcia can ensure that your orthodontic procedure stays on track and is done safely. To schedule an evaluation for clear aligners or metal braces, please contact Dr. Garcia’s office at (305) 595-4616.