Why Would a Tooth Implant Fall Out?

If you are considering a dental implant, it is because you have lost or are going to lose a natural tooth. Although most dental implants are permanent, they are also vulnerable to many of the same factors that caused your natural tooth loss.

Although tooth implants are not natural teeth, they are still vulnerable to bacterial attack. The bacteria cannot attack the tooth itself, but severe periodontal disease can damage the jawbone which supports the dental implant. When this happens, your dental implant may fall out.

Severe trauma can also knock out a dental implant. Most trauma to the mouth will simply damage the tooth crown, which can be easily replaced, but some may dislodge the dental implant. If this occurs, you may have to wait for healing to occur or even receive a bone graft prior to replacing your implant.

In rare cases, a tooth implant may just not integrate properly with your jawbone. If you have a poor healing response, this may be more of a risk, but other factors influence this as well. Technology is constantly advancing, and success rates for dental implants are at an all-time high.

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