How Many Teeth Can Be Replaced with Dental Implants?

Dental implants are highly flexible and can be used to replace a single missing tooth or all your teeth. How this is accomplished depends on the number and location of missing teeth.

If you are replacing just one tooth, a single dental implant is used. The implant is topped with a dental crown that looks just like your natural teeth.

If you are replacing two or three missing teeth, two dental implants are used. For two teeth, two separate crowns may be used, but when replacing three missing teeth, you will receive a single piece dental bridge that is anchored on either end by implants.

If you are replacing an entire arch (either all your top teeth or all your bottom teeth), we use the All-on-4 system where four dental implants are used to secure a highly aesthetic permanent prosthesis. This system allows for a quick, comfortable restoration.

For numbers of teeth between three and an entire arch, customized solutions are available. We can discuss your options during your consultation with our cosmetic dentist.

To learn more about dental implant solutions for your missing teeth, please schedule a consultation at Miami Designer Smiles today.