Your Consultation

Miami and Coral Gables, Florida

Your initial appointment is a visit with real value. It is your opportunity to gain a greater understanding of your desired procedure. When you leave our office after your consultation, you will be armed with all the tools you need to decide whether cosmetic dentistry is right for you.

A Real Consultation With a Dentist

Your consultation will always be conducted by one of our Miami cosmetic dentists – Dr. Raul Garcia or Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia. It will last approximately one hour. During that time, our dentists will answer any questions you may have so that you can more thoroughly understand your options.

Comprehensive Evaluation

During your consultation you will receive a comprehensive evaluation that includes:

  • Digital X-rays
  • Risk-assessment screening including dietary/nutritional counseling
  • Occlusal screening – evaluation of your bite
  • Periodontal disease screening – evaluation of your gums
  • Restorative screening – looking at cavities, broken teeth and missing teeth
  • Oral cancer screening

Patient Education

Patient education is an important component of our consultations. Our Miami cosmetic dentists will teach you:

  • Why your mouth is in its current condition
  • What you need to do to correct this condition
  • What you should do on a regular basis to maintain proper oral health

You will need your teeth for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is important that you take the proper steps to ensure they remain healthy. Dr. Garcia and Dr. Sanchez-Garcia will provide you with the tools to accomplish this goal.

Please contact our Miami cosmetic dentists today to schedule your appointment. Miami Designer Smiles serves patients in Miami and Coral Gables, Florida.