Do I Need a Retainer after Invisalign?

Miami and Coral Gables, FL

Any time your teeth are moved with an orthodontic treatment, there is a risk that they will drift back to their original position. Sometimes, the same forces that caused misalignment of your teeth in the first place may drive the return of crooked teeth. Other times, tissue memory simply pulls your teeth back to where your body thinks they belong. To prevent this, a retainer is used to keep your teeth in their desired configuration, whether your teeth are straightened with metal braces or Invisalign. Ironically, one of the common reason adults seek Invisalign is that they did not wear a retainer after having their teeth straightened when they were teens.

The good news is that you don’t have to wear your retainer all the time. Wearing your retainer at night a few days a week is generally sufficient to keep your teeth straight.

If you are looking for a tooth straightening option that does not require a retainer, consider instant orthodontics. This procedure uses porcelain veneers and dental crowns to reshape slightly crooked teeth, making them straight. Because instant orthodontics doesn’t actually move your tooth roots, there is no tendency for them to shift back and therefore you don’t need a retainer.

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