What is Causing Your Nagging Headaches?

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Headaches can be a pain in the neck, or head rather. Did you know that a nagging headache could actually be stemming from your oral health? If you suffer from frequent headaches, especially those of migraine-like intensity, consult both your physician and your dentist because the treatment could begin with your mouth.

The jaws, head, and neck have many nerves and muscles that are intertwined. In fact, the most prominent nerve of the head, the trigeminal nerve, connects from the lower jaw to the head, and into the spinal cord. When headaches or toothaches occur, pain radiates through this nerve. If one branch of the nerve is affected by pain, it often triggers pain in other areas of the face, head, or even neck, and vice versa.

For some headache sufferers, their pain stems from a reflexive behavior such as bruxism, referred to as clenching and grinding of their teeth. Bruxism exacerbates pain that is experienced in the jaw or head. If you find that you experience a significant amount of stress in your life, you may clench and grind your teeth while you sleep. Some sufferers are completely unaware that they have this problem. An evaluation by the dentist can determine whether you suffer from bruxism. Also, regular headaches may indicate that you exhibit this reflexive behavior.

If you experience frequent headaches, be sure to consult a physician, as well as the dentist. Often, physicians only treat the symptoms of headaches and are unable to pinpoint the cause. On the other hand, the dentist can evaluate your oral health, your bite, and your jaw joints to determine what is causing your headaches. For many headache sufferers, a custom made bite guard can help by absorbing the pressure caused by bruxism, providing you pain relief from headaches.

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