TMJ and Pain In The Face

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Everything hurts on my face. TMJ and the trigeminal nerve.

The face, head, and neck are home to a plethora of nerves, muscles, and blood veins. Many Americans suffer from pain in their jaws that lead to many other ailments throughout their body. In fact, research proves that nearly 30 percent of the body’s nerves pass near the jaw joint, known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). If the TMJ is not functioning properly, you may experience pain throughout your body. Sadly, physicians often misdiagnosis and treat this type of pain, only treating the symptoms and not the source of the pain.

Did you know that your jaw joint could be what is causing you pain?

Disorders associated with the jaw joint are referred to as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). Symptoms associated with TMD include discomfort or tension in the jaw, or even clicking and popping sounds while biting. Sometimes, TMD sufferers even experience headaches as severe as migraines.

The trigeminal nerve is a major nerve of the head that runs from the jaw to the brain steam. If the jaw joint is out of alignment or not functioning properly, the trigeminal nerve may become affected, causing pain to radiate from the jaw to the head. Common symptoms of TMJ include pain while chewing or biting, headaches, earaches, and facial pain. Some sufferers even experience pain that radiates into their back.

What causes TMJ disorder? Sometimes, TMJ disorders occur from injuries, age, an uneven bite, or clenching one’s teeth due to tension and stress, which all put a strain on the jaw joint. The strain on the jaw joints may affect the trigeminal nerve, causing pain or discomfort in the face, ears, or head. Teeth that are missing, broken, chipped, or crooked can cause an uneven bite. Repairing damaged or missing teeth is a major component of maintaining an even bite, which can relieve pain from your TMJ disorder.

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