How Long Does TMJ Treatment Take?

Temporomandibular joint disorder, generally called TMJ or TMD, can seriously impact your general well-being by causing symptoms as diverse as headaches and tingling in your fingers. Because it is hard to diagnose, many people suffer with TMJ for years before getting a diagnosis of the condition. However, once diagnosed many people are eager to get rid of TMJ and its related symptoms.

Fortunately, TMJ treatment can be completed fairly quickly. Relief of many TMJ symptoms can be achieved immediately with the in-office use of TENS–transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation–a type of electric massage. This relaxes jaw muscles that are working too hard and may be putting pressure on nerves or blood vessels in the area.

For some patients, intermittent use of TENS may be enough for long-term relief. Other patients may need an oral splint to hold their jaw in the proper position at night. It can take several weeks to have a proper splint constructed, but once it is, you should see relief in 1-2 months.

For some patients, mouth reconstruction is necessary to achieve long-term relief from TMJ. This may require several months to complete.

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