Tips on finding a Dentist in Miami

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As adults, we make all sorts of decisions that affect our lives. One important choice is finding the right dentist to serve the needs of you and your family. Miami Designer Smiles suggests three factors you should consider when trying to find the right dentist to serve your family’s oral health needs in Miami.

Does the dentist offer sedation?

The American Dental Association recommends that each person go to the dentist every six months for a check-up, which should include a cleaning and an oral examination. However, it is estimated that more than one of every three Americans fail to see their dentist even once per year. Millions of people in the United States actively avoid going to the dentist, because thoughts of doing so provoke feelings of anxiety or even outright terror. This condition is known as dental anxiety, and those who suffer from it actually are in some of the greatest need of receiving professional oral care, because they have neglected their oral health due to these anxious and fearful feelings.

At Miami Designer Smiles, we offer two methods of sedation: oral sedation, which consists of taking a small pill; and nitrous oxide, a gas administered in a mask that fits over the nose. Whichever means of sedation you and your dentist choose that is the right fit for you, the effects are similar. You remain conscious and able to communicate with other individuals, but become quite calm and have a diminished awareness of your surroundings.

Does the dentist practice cosmetic dentistry?  

A specialty of dental science that has been around for decades, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of the teeth and mouth. Cosmetic dentists often are at the cutting edge of dental science, however, since many cosmetic dental procedures require using the latest techniques and tools. Moreover, cosmetic dentistry often yields results that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, as many patients who undergo cosmetic work report their teeth are performing at a higher level following completion, often resolving issues related to misaligned teeth or bite. At Miami Designer Smiles, our range of services in the area of cosmetic dentistry includes Invisalign, veneers, teeth whitening, composite fillings, inlay/onlays, crowns, dental bonding, and laser gum recontouring.

Does the dentist offer treatment of TMJ disorder?

Temporomandibular joint disorder, also referred to as TMJ disorder or sometimes TMD, occurs when there is a dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint—a small, round joint that connects the jaw to the skull. TMJ disorder is one of the greatest diagnostic challenges in all of medical science; as a result, people with TMJ often go years or even their entire lives without receiving a proper diagnosis. This can lead to a miserable existence for some TMJ disorder patients, as one of the most commonly reported symptoms is debilitating pain emanating from the face and head. Our Miami dentists Dr. Raul Garcia and Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia specialize in neuromuscular dentistry, an advanced discipline of dental science emphasizing the alignment of the bite and jaw. A neuromuscular dentist in Miami actually is the best-qualified medical professional to identify and treat a case of TMD. The dentists at Miami Designer Smiles studied neuromuscular dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute, the pre-eminent institution for post-graduate dental study in all of North America.

Comprehensive dental care in Miami

At Miami Designer Smiles, our dentists are proud to operate a practice that can serve all your oral health needs. To learn more about our services or schedule a tour of our facility, call (305) 595-4616 to schedule a consultation.

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