Corporate Versus Local Dentists

Is bigger actually better? Maybe when it comes to some things, right? “Big Gulp” beverages, bigger vehicles and bigger TVs have their benefits— you get more. But is everything that’s bigger better? What about when it comes to choosing health or dental care?

Do you want a big, corporate chain taking care of your dental or medical needs, or would you prefer a more personal, one-on-one experience with your local doctor or dentist?

We’re going to guess you would choose the more personal experience with a smaller practice over a corporate dental chain. At least, we think you should!

But, if you’re wondering what the differences are between corporate dental clinics and private practices, read on to find out!

Corporate Dental Clinics

In the past few years, corporate dental clinics have become common in many cities and suburbs across the country. In some cases, these clinics have developed when dentists from different practices come together under one umbrella. Some are owned by one company, while others are operated as franchises — and may not even be owned by a dentist.

Wait, what? Yes, it’s true. In some cases, corporate dental clinics may not even be owned by a dentist, and the dentists who work there may come and go, working in multiple practices.

This means that you may not see the same dentist from visit to visit, which can be off-putting for many people, especially in the middle of a multi-phase treatment plan.

In some cases, these corporately owned dental centers are low cost, but it’s important to remember that cheaper isn’t always better.

While large corporate dental centers can provide quality care, in some cases, patients report feeling like they were “just a number” when visiting. This can definitely leave some individuals unsatisfied or contribute to dental anxiety, especially for patients who were already nervous about going in for a checkup.

Private Practice

In contrast to corporate dental clinics, private dental practices operate on a more personal level. In most cases, single practitioners or offices with one or two dentists approach providing care with a more personal touch.

This one-on-one approach helps to foster feelings of trust and care, which is critical for patients. Private dental practices often work very hard to build personal relationships with their patients, thereby creating a very different environment from the one achieved in corporate dental chains.

It’s easy to see why having a good relationship with your doctor, dentist or other health care provider is critical to establishing trust between the provider and the patient.

Also, you want someone who knows you, knows your health history, knows your habits and even knows you tend to grind your teeth at night due to stress. When your dentist knows you, he or she can make a personal plan for you and your care to keep you and your mouth healthy.

In a well-run private practice like Miami Designer Smiles, you will be treated by those who know you personally and know your personal dental history and journey. They will understand your specific needs and concerns and help you make the best decision you can for your dental health.

At our practice, you’re not just another number.

In addition to high-quality and personalized treatment, dentists in private dental practices are generally warmer and friendlier, significantly helping patients who suffer from dental fear or anxiety.

But, What About Insurance? 

Insurance is often a critical factor in determining what practice you pick for dental care. In some cases, private dental practices may not accept your insurance, while a corporate-run dental firm may. One way to determine if a private practice takes your insurance is to search on your dental insurance company’s website or call the office to verify eligibility.

Costs may also be a factor between corporately owned dental centers and private practices, but many private practices do have multiple financing options should you need them.

So What Type of Dentist Is Right for You?

Naturally, we believe privately owned practices are the best option for receiving highly personalized and quality care from someone you know and trust. At Miami Designer Smiles, you’re not just a number or just a patient — you’re our patient, which means you’re our priority.

As a result, we strive to offer you the most comprehensive and high-quality dental care and offer a full slate of services, including:

  • General and preventive dentistry
  • Cosmetic and restorative dentistry
  • TMD treatment and neuromuscular dentistry
  • Sleep apnea treatment
  • Dental implants
  • Orthodontics

If you’re looking for personalized dental care, look no further than Miami Designer Smiles. Call us today to schedule a consultation.