The Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

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You probably feel like you constantly remind your kids to brush their teeth. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but the chances are that they probably don’t do a very good job of it! That’s where preventive care from your family dentist in Miami can be so beneficial. Miami Designer Smiles wants to explain the advantages of receiving fluoride treatments.

What is fluoride, and how is it used in dentistry?

Fluoride is a compound that has been used by dentists for more than a century. It’s natural and safe. Fluoride helps to remineralize your teeth, filling the small imperfections that form naturally on your tooth surfaces. The clear varnish can easily be applied to the surfaces of each tooth in an effort to decrease the risk of tooth decay. This is especially helpful for children who are more prone to developing tooth decay because they don’t brush their teeth as well as adults.

Fluoride isn’t just available at your dentist’s office. The American Dental Association recommends using toothpaste that contains fluoride, as well as oral rinses and mouthwashes with fluoride. Be sure that your child is old enough to know not to swallow toothpaste or mouth rinse, and knows how to spit it out. Otherwise, speak to your dentist about using a fluoride-free toothpaste, which can be a good option for very young toddlers. 

Fluoride treatments are available at your Miami dentist’s office.

The advantages of a fluoride treatment

  • Protecting against unseen damage – Your teeth are always under attack, even if you never realize it or see it. Microscopic bacteria are working 24/7, using food particles in your mouth as their own food source. The acids in what you eat and drink interact with these bacteria, working on wearing down your enamel—the protective outer layer of your tooth structure, and a cornerstone to protecting your teeth from decay and damage.
  • Strengthened enamel – If your enamel deteriorates, your teeth are unprotected and exposed to all kinds of dental threats. Fluoride treatments help re-fortify your enamel. A fluoride treatment remineralizes enamel, stopping the attrition that can be caused by the acids in your diet. This protection is especially recommended for children as their teeth are developing. Scheduling fluoride treatments for your child will dramatically decrease their risk of tooth decay and help set them up for a lifetime of good oral health. These fluoride treatments can be administered as part of your child’s regularly scheduled check-ups at Miami Designer Smiles. 
  • A benefit, at any age – While recommended for children, patients of any age can benefit from a fluoride treatment in Miami. They can be especially helpful for patients who already are experiencing other dental issues, such as frequent cavities, gum disease, or dry mouth. They also can be administered on patients who have braces, which may complicate your dental hygiene routine because bacteria and plaque can accumulate around or behind the brackets.  Ask your dentist if you could benefit from a fluoride treatment.

Fluoride treatments in Miami

Start enjoying the benefits of a fluoride treatment, as administered by our compassionate and knowledgeable staff at Miami Designer Smiles. Remember, a little preventive care now can save you from an expensive and potentially arduous procedure at a later date to repair a dental problem. To find out more, call our office at (305) 595-4616 today to schedule your consultation if you’re located in the areas of Miami and Coral Gables, Florida.