Porcelain Veneers vs. Dental Crowns

Porcelain veneers and dental crowns are both commonly-used types of dental restorations, but they are very different in design and purpose.

A porcelain veneer is primarily intended to improve the appearance of a tooth. It is a thin façade of porcelain that is attached to the front of your tooth. Porcelain veneers can whiten discolored teeth and conceal cracks in teeth. They can also reshape teeth to fill in gaps or build up chipped, worn, or misshaped teeth. A set of porcelain veneers can even be used to straighten a crooked smile in a process called instant orthodontics. Porcelain veneers are sturdy, but they are also very thin, so they depend on a strong tooth for support.

Dental crowns, on the other hand, are primarily used to protect and reinforce a tooth. A dental crown is a cap or sheath that slides completely over the visible portion of a tooth, sealing and reinforcing it. While dental crowns can definitely improve the appearance of a tooth, they are generally only used when you need to protect or add strength to a tooth. They may even be used in place of porcelain veneers when you are attempting to restore the appearance of a seriously damaged or misshaped tooth.

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