Natural Therapy For A Deep Bite

natural therapy for deep biteMiami and Coral Gables, FL 

Does your smile need rejuvenating? Sometimes people naturally develop a crooked or uneven smile in which their upper or lower jaw protrudes too far forward. Other times, teeth simply just wear down over time, which results in a collapsed bite and can turn your smile upside down, literally making your mouth turn downward. At Miami Designer Smiles, we offer natural therapy to correct a deep bite.

The greatest aspect of this natural therapy is that we do not have to use surgery to correct your smile. Instead, we use a combination of cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry to correct your bite and rejuvenate your face. This approach is ideal for patients with an underbite or overbite, in which their teeth do not come together properly. If your teeth appear to be ground down, your chin looks too large or too small, then our natural therapy may be right for you.

During your consultation, the dentist will determine your treatment plan and how best to achieve the smile you desire. Treatment begins by using a specially made material that is permanently bonded to each tooth to correct your bite and add support to your face. This process reverses that aged look you may be experiencing. Whether you need longer teeth, a wider smile, or facial lengthening, we can achieve the results you desire, all without undergoing surgery!

Since we are permanently altering your bite, you may experience an adaptation period while you get use to your new bite. Speaking, eating, and chewing may feel different for about a week but after that, you will feel great and have your confidence back. For some patients, this change in their bite will even help relieve TMJ discomfort and symptoms, which is a disorder of the jaw joints.

There may be instances in which a patient would benefit from orthodontic treatment to realign crooked teeth and correct an excessive deep bite. However, only a consultation with the dentists at Miami Designer Smiles can determine which option of treatment is best. During your consultation we will pay special attention to the cause of your deep bite or what is bothering you about your smile. We will develop a customized treatment plan to improve your smile, and prevent future damage. We urge you to consider a consultation so that we can help you get your oral health on track, and help you feel better about your smile.

At Miami Designer Smiles, we offer an assortment of cosmetic dentistry treatments. We believe that when it comes to transforming a smile, the results go far beyond just looks. We combine our expertise and experience in neuromuscular dentistry to ensure we provide patients with not only a beautiful smile, but also one that feels good too. Your results will mean you have a comfortable, even bite that functions well when eating, chewing, speaking or even when your mouth is at rest.

If you are interested in natural therapy to correct a deep bite, contact Miami Designer Smiles today at (305) 595-4616 for a consultation. We welcome patients of Coral Gables and Miami, Florida.