What to know if you’re considering Destination Dentistry

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Before heading to the dentist’s office, you want to make sure you have everything you need: your phone, your wallet, your identification, keys… and your suitcase? Yes, more and more people are starting to travel out of town to find the specialized dental services they want or need. This is becoming especially true for cosmetic dentistry. Used by millions of Americans to correct aesthetic issues with their teeth, cosmetic dentistry is a valuable specialization of dental science—but also an elective one, that typically is not covered by dental insurance policies. Given that cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, and that results can vary depending on the cosmetic dentist you choose, you may opt to travel to find the finest cosmetic dentist you can to transform your smile.

Traveling out of town for dental care requires some additional planning 

You wouldn’t want to hop in your car or head to the airport without first consulting with an out-of-town dentist. Many dentists have contact forms on their websites so you can reach out via email. From there, you should be able to go through your dental and medical history in a phone conversation or have your records sent from your local practitioners to the dentist you want to see. For cosmetic dentistry, it also might be beneficial to take pictures of your smile and send them to the dentist, who can use those images to make treatment recommendations. You also will want to do your homework, researching any dentist you choose, going through past reviews from patients.

A comfort list and an itinerary both are musts

What is a comfort list? It’s what you’ll need during your recovery from a procedure. This may involve arranging transportation to and from the dental appointment to your hotel. The dentist you choose also may have recommendations on hotels, as well as restaurants.

Make sure that you plan your itinerary to account for any recovery time. During travel, your ability to move and shift your body or face may be limited. During a long plane flight, you also may lack access to normal comforts, hindering your recovery, and possibly increasing the risk of certain complications. The changes in altitude during travel also can affect swelling and healing. The more intensive the procedure you are having, the greater these concerns will be. Any dentist you choose should provide an after-care set of instructions to help minimize the likelihood of any complications developing.

Not all dentists have the same level of skill

If you are traveling out of state to seek specialized dental care, you need to remember that dental providers are regulated on a state-by-state basis. However, all dentists in the United States need to follow infection control standards to prevent the spread of blood-borne illnesses, as well as protocols for X-rays. The dental field is a competitive one, and practitioners at the forefront of dental science pursue continuing education to keep their skills at the highest level. Both Dr. Raul Garcia and Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia at Miami Designer Smiles are Fellows at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, considered the finest institution for post-graduate dental education. Whether you live in Miami or Coral Gables, or you’re traveling to South Florida looking for some destination dentistry, let them use their skills to help you. We’ve been serving the needs of out-of-town patients for years who seek out our practice for specialized care they can’t find anywhere else. To find out more and begin the consultation process, contact our office today by calling (305) 595-4616.

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