How an App on your Phone could Relieve Dental Anxiety

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Many people experience a great deal of fear at just the thought of going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide, and even prescription medication that can be taken just before an appointment are various ways that these fearful patients can experience relaxation while getting the dental care that they need. But, now there are apps available on your phone that can help relieve dental anxiety. Miami sedation dentists at Miami Designer Smiles wants to share a little bit about how these apps might work to relieve dental anxiety.

Benefits of relaxation apps 

According to a report published by Healthline, there are at least 10 highly-ranked apps that help relieve anxiety, and that could even be used while you’re sitting in the dental chair. These relaxation apps are quite user friendly and easy to navigate once installed on your phone. And are compatible with iPhone and Android users. Most of the apps are free, which means that you can use a little trial and error to figure out which ones work best for you, with virtually no risk of losing money our of your pocket. Another benefit of using a relaxation app is that it is convenient. Who doesn’t have a smartphone in their pocket nowadays? Practically everyone has a phone, which means that you can access the app anytime, anywhere. 

The downsides of using relaxation apps

While these relaxation apps may be helpful in some cases, they might not be the best solution for everyone. They do come with some downsides. For instance, an app is only going to be able to do so much. If the sights and sounds of a dental office are what fuel your dental anxiety, then relaxation apps might work for you by distracting you with something more calming to look at or listen to, but that only goes so far. Since these apps mostly just provide you with a distracting sound or tune, some users may actually benefit better by listening to music that suits their taste.

Another issue is that with free apps, users often report problems, like annoying popup ads that end up being the source of irritation instead of relaxation. Also, developers of free apps can collect and use your data as they see fit, even without you knowing to what extent it is being used. So, not everyone wants to use a free relaxation app. 

What can I do instead?  

Miami Designer Smiles offers the best of both worlds. NuCalm is a revolutionary way to relax and feel less stressed while receiving the dental care that you need, all without any medication or the need to install annoying apps on your phone.

How NuCalm works

NuCalm uses neuroscience technology to help you relax by combining these four elements:

  1. Neuroacoustic software to harness the brain’s natural frequency-following response.
  2. Gentle electric stimulation to counter anxiety and make you feel rested.
  3. Use of a light-blocking eye mask.
  4. Natural sleep hormones to help you sink into a deep state of relaxation.

Who should consider NuCalm?

If you experience dental anxiety or feel anxious at just the very thought of going to the dentist, then you might benefit from NuCalm. We also offer NuCalm to athletes needing to rejuvenate and rest after intense training. NuCalm also may be helpful for anyone who isn’t even receiving dental care, who just needs to distress and relax from general anxiety related to work or life.

Miami Dental Office Offers NuCalm

If you would like to learn more about sedation dentistry in Miami or find out if NuCalm is right for you, just call Miami Designer Smiles at (305) 595-4616 to schedule a consultation. We welcome patients of Coral Gables and Miami.