Can Snoring Cause a Stroke

can snoring cause a strokeMiami and Coral Gables, FL

Snoring is a source of frustration for many people, usually those whose sleeping partner snores loudly. This behavior disrupts sleep, leaving individuals groggy throughout the day. This lack of rest affects performance at work or school, while also increasing the susceptibility to certain diseases or conditions.

However, snorers themselves face some potentially dire physical consequences of their own.

According to a January 2017 article published by The Daily Mail, a prominent British newspaper, snoring actually can lead to a stroke. The article cited recent research performed by scientists at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Their findings included that regular snoring creates a constant vibration that can cause inflammation in the throat, leading to thickening of the carotid arteries. This thickening increases the risk of atherosclerosis and, with it, the risk factor of a stroke.

The study examined 900 individuals between the ages of 18 and 50 who had been evaluated by a sleep center. None of the participants in the study had been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea but had completed surveys about their snoring while also undergoing scans of their carotid arteries. The snorers in the study were found to have thicker arterial walls, an early warning sign of cardiovascular disease. These artery walls were thicker than those of non-snorers who smoked, had high cholesterol or were diabetic.

This data, along with the known risks associated with sleep apnea, strongly suggest that snoring can be hazardous to your health. If you snore, consider undergoing a sleep study. A certified sleep apnea dentist can perform an airway evaluation. This evaluation can determine if a case of sleep apnea exists, or perhaps identify the cause of your snoring.

Remember, snoring remains a major warning sign of sleep apnea. This sleep breathing disorder not only disrupts your sleep but also increases the likelihood of serious chronic conditions. If you or a member of your family snores, take action now and schedule an airway evaluation or a sleep study today at Miami Designer Smiles. Treatment is more convenient that you may think!

Many sleep apnea sufferers often assume the only treatment for such sleep breathing disorders is with a CPAP machine. Although the CPAP machine was the gold standard treatment for decades, it has been proven that many users discontinue treatment within the first few months. This is due in part to its bulky design, and that it emits sounds as loud as the snoring was to begin with! CPAP users report that traveling with their machine is inconvenient, and makes overnight stays difficult if no electrical outlet is located near the bed.

Instead of using a CPAP machine as treatment for our sleep apnea patients, we use customized, adjustable oral appliances that aim to hold the lower jaw in a more forward position, which facilitates an open airway. Our patients who have undergone treatment in this manner report that their oral appliance is not only comfortable, but convenient as well! To find out if an oral appliance is the right treatment for your sleep apnea, call us today for a consultation!

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