Why you Should Stop Putting off Treatment for your Gum Disease

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Even when you take seemingly good care of your teeth, and visit your dentist regularly, gum disease can still occur. Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease, which causes chronic infection in your gums and jawbone. Eventually, if left untreated, it can lead to significant tooth loss, and even increase your risks of certain diseases. 

The bad part is that many adults do not even know that they have early signs of gum disease. Left untreated, it can have devastating oral health, and even overall health, consequences. Your expert dentists in Miami at Miami Designer Smiles have some good reasons for why you should stop putting off treatment for your gum disease.

Your mouth is the gateway to your overall health

For centuries doctors have treated the mouth separately from the body, when in fact, what goes on in our mouths has a profound impact on our overall health. While you may think that gum disease only affects your gums, its effects are far-reaching. Gum disease is an active infection that will not go away unless you receive treatment. You would not allow an infection elsewhere in your body to continue without treatment, would you? Then your mouth should not be any different.

Ignoring your gum disease means that you increase your risk of other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes. Some studies have even linked gum disease to an increased risk of dementia and cognitive decline. For pregnant mothers, untreated gum disease can go as far as harming an unborn child by resulting in premature births or low birth rates. Through research, it has become apparent that what goes on in the mouth does not stay in the mouth.

Your smile affects your confidence

For many of us, our smile has a lot to do with our confidence. If your smile is embarrassing because of how gum disease has taken over, then you are less likely to feel confident about yourself, especially when you smile. Aside from your confidence, smiling can boost your mood and help you have more positive thoughts in general.

Ignoring your gum disease will not solve anything. In fact, it will continue getting worse, resulting in significant tooth loss, as well as significant health consequences. Your Miami family dentists at Miami Designer Smiles have solutions to treating your gum disease. Depending on your case, we may treat your gum disease simply with repetitive deep cleanings in which we remove the bacteria buildup from below the gum line. In some instances, patients may require extensive treatments that involve laser dentistry to remove diseased tissue from the mouth. Treatments are chosen based on your individual need.

Gum Disease Treatment in Miami

The good news is that you do not have to neglect your gum disease any longer! If you would like to learn more about gum disease or how to stop it from getting worse, contact Miami Designer Smiles today calling (305) 595-4616 to schedule a consultation. Remember, treatment can only be effective so long as you hold up your end of the deal by continuing to practice good oral hygiene, and visiting your Miami dentist for routine checkups and cleanings to monitor your progress.

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