Why Do Teeth Darken?

Tooth staining is one of the signs of aging. When people look at you and your discolored teeth, they automatically make assumptions about your age and health, as well as some other factors such as your personality, education, and income level.

There are many factors that can cause your teeth to darken. These include:

  • Natural wear of dental enamel with age
  • Stains from foods, beverages, and smoking
  • Injury to the tooth
  • Exposure to certain chemicals during tooth development

The extent and rate of staining depends on your lifestyle and the characteristics of your dental enamel.

The best treatment for tooth darkening also depends on the cause of tooth darkening. If the main reason why your teeth have darkened is staining foods, beverages, and smoking, then teeth whitening works very well. If your enamel is wearing down, porcelain veneers are often the best choice. If you have suffered injury to a tooth causing it to darken, then a dental crown may be the best treatment.

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