What is an LVI Fellow?

Miami and Coral Gable LVI Fellows Dr. Raul I. Garcia and Dr Conchi Sanchez-GarciaLVI Fellowship is the distinction awarded to those who have completed the LVI CORE Curriculum which includes a minimum of 278 continuing dental education hours of training in advanced aesthetics, and neuromuscular science, and who has successfully completed a comprehensive examination.

Core I: Advanced Functional Dentistry – The Power of Physiologic Based Occlusion Core II: Orthotic Maintenance, Adjustment and Essential Aesthetic Reconstructive Techniques Core III: Mastering Dynamic Adhesion in Complex Reconstructive Cases Core IV: Advanced Principles, Case Stabilization and Bite Transfer In The Neuromuscular Practice Core V: Comprehensive Aesthetic Occlusal Reconstruction – Rehabilitation Begins! Core VI: Coronoplasty and Case Finishing – Critical Steps For Neuromuscular Success Core VII: Full Mouth Reconstruction – Essential Tools for Finalization of Neuromuscular Rehabilitation