The Important Role Oral Hygiene Plays in Heart Health

Miami and Coral Gables, FL

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner we wanted to share this “heart” healthy story with you. Did you know that having your teeth cleaned regularly can cut your risk of a heart attack? Researchers have shown that professional teeth cleaning can decrease your risk of heart attacks by as much as twenty-four percent. There is also evidence to support that a cleaning by a dentist office can cut your likelihood of stroke by thirteen percent. Having your teeth cleaned lowers the amount of bacteria found in the mouth, and that causes inflammation. Inflammation is linked to the formation of plaque in the blood vessels and hardening or arteries which could leave you at an increased risk of a stroke or a heart attack.The Role of oral hygiene and heart health

Dentist have always known the essential role oral hygiene has played in our overall health, but now we know that is can help with our heart health and even help lower the risk of some other diseases. Studies have shown that patients with periodontal disease have a sixty-nine percent greater chance of having a heart attack, than those with fewer infected pockets.

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