Taking Care of Your Teeth and Dentures

If you are an elderly individual with dentures or partial dentures, you have to make sure you take the care necessary to clean them properly. You have to clean your teeth and gums as before with regular brushing and flossing but added to this you need to make sure your dentures are getting thoroughly cleaned so they do not promote further tooth decay.

To care for your dentures, thoroughly brush them every day with a denture cleaning compound. Don’t forget to clean the undersides. At night, put dentures in water or a recommended cleaning solution.

Brushing your teeth requires some additional care when you have dentures, too. It’s best to remove dentures before cleaning your teeth. Make sure to clean the surfaces where the dentures rest on your gums or abut your teeth. Check places where clasps or wires rest to make sure they’re clean and also to look for signs of excess wear.

With proper care, your dentures can be an attractive, functional part of your healthy mouth for many years.

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