Questions to ask when searching for a Family Dentist in Miami

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Family dentistry is not like all other types of dental practices. If you’re a parent, finding the right family dentist to serve you and your family is a big decision. You want to look around and find the best option for you. Miami Designer Smiles wants to help. Drs. Raul Garcia and Concepcion (Conchi) Sanchez-Garcia, Miami family dentists, put together this list of some questions you should ask when looking for the right dentist to serve you and your family’s oral health care needs.

What education and experience does the dentist have?  

A qualified family dentist should have an educational background that goes beyond normal dental school. You want to make sure that the dentist understands the unique needs and conditions of working with children. Both of the dentists at Miami Designer Smiles have committed to pursuing continuing education beyond what is required by the state dental board. To that end, they have studied at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, which is considered the top institution in the country for post-graduate dental education. Combined, our dentists have nearly four decades of experience serving the oral health needs of patients in Coral Gables and Miami.

What preventive services are offered?

Your best defense against oral health issues is to be proactive. That means identifying any problems in their earliest stages or even before they start becoming apparent. A family dentist should offer a comprehensive program of preventive care that goes beyond just performing cleanings and routine check-ups. At Miami Designer Smiles, we can take digital X-rays to identify tooth decay and other issues well before they become visible by the eye. We also can provide your children with additional cavity protection through the use of sealants or fluoride treatments.

As mentioned, prevention is the best method of protection, and our preventive care services include procedures that are not offered by many dentists. Salivary diagnostics can examine saliva, extracting DNA from this solution, and analyzing it through a laboratory process known as polymerase chain reaction (or PCR for short). This analysis can provide early detection of a host of issues, including gum disease, heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, the HPV virus, several inflammatory biomarkers, and even identify pregnancy. We partner with Oral DNA Labs, the worldwide leader in salivary diagnostic testing, to provide this service.

Dr. Raul Garcia and Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia also have specialized training to perform airway screenings on very young children. These airway management services can detect the possible presence of a sleep breathing disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea, although it is important to remember that a qualified sleep specialist only can make an official sleep apnea diagnosis.

When can you start seeing my child?  

Certain family dentists won’t see patients younger than the age of three or four. That’s why you need to ask each family dentist you consider at what age you can start bringing your child. Miami Designer Smiles adheres to American Dental Association standards. That means you can start bringing your children to our office once they reach their first birthday or when their first baby tooth erupts from the gum line—whatever comes first.

Family Dentistry for Young Children in Miami

Dr. Concepcion Sanchez-Garcia is a mother of young children herself. She understands the importance of professional dental care to help set up your child for a lifetime of good oral health. Miami Designer Smiles wants to make your family’s dental experience as simple and stress-free as it possibly can be. That’s why we can book appointments for multiple members of your family on the same day, making for a convenient process. We’re also a full-service dental practice that can offer care in specializations such as sleep apnea dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, the treatment of gum disease, and implant dentistry. To find out more or schedule a tour of our facility, call (305) 595-4616 today.

Miami Designer Smiles is proud to serve patients in the areas of Miami and Coral Gables, Florida.