Looking at the differences between Bonding and Veneers

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Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? Cosmetic dentistry is a specialization of dental science that combines high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and the latest techniques to transform your smile. Choosing the right procedures can give you a dazzling smile worthy of the Hollywood red carpet, but how do you know which cosmetic dental procedure is right for you? For example, dental bonding and veneers can fix many of the same issues. Which one should you pick? Your cosmetic dentists in Miami, Drs. Raul Garcia and Conchi Sanchez-Garcia, want to explore the differences between these two popular treatments.

Veneers are going to cost more than dental bonding 

Having cosmetic dental work can become expensive for several reasons: the time and training of the dentist, the cost of materials, and any special tools or extra costs that are incurred. A bonding treatment uses less expensive materials—a resin matched to the shade of your natural teeth, hardened through the use of a special light—and certain dental insurance plans even cover at least part of the cost of a dental bonding procedure. Veneers, however, are considered to be an elective procedure by dental insurance plans and, thus, will not be covered in most cases. Moreover, veneers are made with dental porcelain. While this porcelain is beautiful and stain-resistant, it is also one of the more expensive materials in all of cosmetic dentistry. While bonding is less expensive than veneers, we encourage patients to choose the best option to fit their long-term smile goals.

For a quick change, a bonding treatment may be your best option 

Got a special event upcoming where you want to look your best? It might be a wedding, a reunion, some other type of function where you know pictures will be taken, or maybe just a big date in your search for love. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile in a hurry, a dental bonding procedure often can be finished in an hour… maybe less! Undergoing a bonding treatment is simple: the resin is sculpted onto the tooth or teeth that you want to have addressed, then hardened in place through exposure to the light. By contrast, the porcelain veneer treatments at Miami Designer Smiles take at least two appointments at our office in beautiful Miami. At the first appointment, a small portion of the existing structure of your tooth is removed to ensure a flush bond against the surface. Impressions are taken, which are sent off to our laboratory as a model for fabricating the permanent veneer, and a temporary restoration is installed. Your new veneers will be placed at the subsequent visit, usually about two weeks later.

Veneers last longer 

For many people, the difference between choosing bonding or veneers comes down to the two factors listed above: budget and time. After all, both procedures can correct many of the same aesthetic flaws, such as teeth with slight chips, cracks, or fractures, or concealing an undesirable gap between teeth. Both bonding and veneers also can be applied to a single tooth or several teeth. However, well cared for porcelain veneers will have a longer effective lifespan than any bonding treatment. In addition, veneers also can brighten teeth permanently, making these procedures ideal for patients living with tooth discoloration that has proven resistant to other whitening procedures.

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