Is it Time to Upgrade?

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There are few things in life as good as the feeling of upgrading. Whether it’s your seat on a flight, a sleeker, faster car, or the newest iPhone, upgrading makes us feel like VIPs. After all, who doesn’t want the best? The same principle applies to our oral health, too. Why sport dated fillings, bland bridges and old crowns. Why not upgrade your dentistry, too?

What Is Upgrade Dentistry?

Upgrade dentistry is done in conjunction with full-mouth rehabilitation. Upgrade dentistry upgrades the prosthetic dentistry elements in your mouth to make them look better, feel better, or both.


One of the first things people upgrade in their dentistry are their crowns. Crowns are fillings that are fitted over the tooth and look and feel like natural teeth. But some older crowns have metal margins or simply don’t look or feel as real and natural as they should. Upgrading your crowns can give you healthier, more realistic-looking teeth so you can show off that beautiful smile.


Veneers are another prosthetic that has been designed to look like your natural teeth, only better. Veneers are fitted over the front of the natural tooth and adhere to the tooth’s surface. Veneers can change the color of the teeth as well as their size and shape. Veneers can often replace services like whitening, braces and fillings depending on the size and shape of the tooth. If your veneers are older, beginning to come loose or fall off, it’s time to consider upgrading to newer veneers.


A bridge is a prosthetic that can replace missing teeth by connecting prosthetic teeth to other teeth or implants, thus making a bridge. Upgrading your bridge to more natural-looking teeth or to a better-fitting device is a great way to upgrade your smile without making a huge change. Best of all, a better-fitting bridge may be more comfortable, too!


Do you have amalgam fillings, or fillings that are beginning to show signs of decay around them? If so, it’s probably time to upgrade your fillings. Did you know that fillings are only meant to last about 20 years, and that’s with normal wear and tear? Grinding your teeth (bruxism) can take years off the life of your fillings, so if it’s been awhile or your fillings seem to be failing you, it’s time to consider upgrading!

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