What To Expect For Your NightLase Treatment

If you suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea or simply snore without the presence of a sleep disorder, Dr. Garcia has a safe and effective solution that can help stop the snoring and sleep apnea symptoms and allow you to finally get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

It is the revolutionary NightLase treatment that uses laser technology to tighten the soft tissue muscles responsible for sleep apnea and snoring. You see, when you snore or struggle to breathe due to obstructive sleep apnea, it is typically caused by an obstructed airway. When you are treated with NightLase, the tissue in your airway is tightened, eliminating snoring and some of the symptoms associated with sleep apnea.

If you’re interested in what exactly happens during your NightLase treatment, keep reading about what to expect during your NightLase procedure!

What To Expect: The Consultation

Before you can undergo the NightLase treatment for your snoring or symptoms of mild to moderate sleep apnea, you’ll need to have a consultation with Dr. Garcia to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure. During your consultation, you will go over your symptoms, medical history, and any questions or concerns you might have for Dr. Garcia about the procedure.

Pre-Treatment Guidelines

Once you have scheduled your NightLase treatment, it’s time to make preparations for your procedure. Dr. Garcia will go over the instructions with you prior to your first session. You’ll also go over the guidelines for after your procedure so that you are familiar with what you should and should not do following your procedure.

The NightLase Treatment

Once you have booked your procedure, it’s time for the NightLase treatment itself.

Upon arrival at Dr. Garcia’s office, we will take you to a treatment room, where we will get you comfortable before beginning. Dr. Garcia will again go over the NightLase treatment details with you and make sure you don’t have any questions before the procedure begins.

Once you are comfortable, the NightLase treatment can begin. Dr. Garcia will use a laser device that emits a specific wavelength of light that gently heats the tissues of your throat. This laser will target the areas of your throat that cause you to snore or have sleep apnea symptoms. This is done via a process called collagen remodeling, which tightens and improves the tissues in the airway.

Treatment Times

While the NightLase treatment duration varies depending on the individual case of each patient, you can expect it to take a minimum of 15 to upwards of 40 minutes per session. A series of sessions will likely be necessary to get the full effect of your NightLase treatment. Dr. Garcia will discuss how many sessions you should have based on your individual needs.

How It Feels

One of the most common questions people have prior to their treatment is how it feels. Thankfully, unlike surgery or other procedures to alleviate snoring or sleep apnea, NightLase is not painful. Many patients report feeling a warming sensation in the area of treatment. In fact, the treatment is so tolerable that anesthesia or sedation is not necessary.


Now that you’ve had your first NightLase treatment, it’s important to pay attention to the aftercare instructions from Dr. Garcia. Though you can return to your normal daily life immediately following your treatment, there may still be some restrictions from Dr. Garcia, such as not consuming certain foods that could be irritating or bothersome to the treated area.

The Results

Though results will vary depending on your individual body, some individuals can expect to experience at least some improvement after their first treatment, while some patients may notice a gradual improvement over time. This is why it is important that you complete all your NightLase sessions as prescribed by Dr. Garcia.

If you’re ready to learn more about NightLase, please reach out to Dr. Garcia’s office and schedule your consultation today!