Questions About Invisalign®

Miami and Coral Gables, Florida

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that gradually straightens your teeth without the need for traditional braces. Rather than cementing brackets to your teeth and attaching metal wires, Invisalign uses clear, plastic trays called aligners. The aligners are removable, so you can eat your regular diet and care for your teeth normally.

Your aligners will not be noticeable to the naked eye and will not irritate your mouth like traditional braces often do.

What is the difference between Invisalign and “instant orthodontics”?

Invisalign moves your teeth into the proper position over a period of time. It truly straightens your teeth. “Instant orthodontics” is a term that is often used to refer to using porcelain veneers to correct the appearance of minor crookedness. Porcelain veneers do not actually straighten your teeth, but they can make them appear straight without the time and commitment of the tooth-straightening process.

I had my teeth straightened as a teenager and it did not last. Why should I bother doing it again?

Straightening crooked teeth is important to your oral health at any age. The results you get as a teenager are not always permanent – usually because retainers were not worn for the right amount of time. When you straighten your teeth as an adult, they will stay straight as long as you wear your retainers as recommended by our doctors. Crooked teeth can lead to more serious dental problems including cavities, gum and periodontal disease, pain, and tooth loss.

How long will it take to straighten my teeth with Invisalign?

That will depend on your unique needs. It typically takes about six months to two years to straighten teeth with Invisalign.

Can Invisalign be combined with other cosmetic dentistry solutions?

Yes. Invisalign is often chosen as part of a complete smile makeover. Miami cosmetic dentist Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia has extensive experience combining Invisalign with porcelain restorations to provide you with exceptional results.

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