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BPA Free Sealants and Composites

Dental sealants and composites play a significant role in preventing tooth decay and in maintaining dental health. Dental sealants are an important tool in preventing dental caries by providing a protective barrier on the teeth, particularly when used during a child’s formative years. Dental composites are mainly used to fabricate tooth colored fillings and veneers as well as in the cementation of crowns. In addition to their functional and aesthetic properties, composites provide an alternative to mercury amalgam.
Dental composites are complex mixtures of materials that generally consist of an organic resin matrix, reinforcing inorganic filler and a silane-coupling agent, which connects the filler and the resin matrix. Sometimes known as “white filling” or “synthetic porcelain”, composites are commonly used as a tooth-colored restorative material, for example in the fabrication of fillings and veneers, and the cementation of crowns. Composites without the filler and coupling agent are commonly used as sealants, which effectively isolate pits and fissures to help prevent caries in adults and children.
Miami Cosmetic Dentist Dr Raul Garcia and Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia are a BPA Free sealants and composites office.  The risks associated with exposure to BPA is well documented.  Our office takes great pride in providing the finest care and using the highest quality dental technology available today.
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