AGGA Therapy


For decades, people living with improperly structured upper jaws or individuals with mid-face deficiency had to turn to invasive and uncomfortable surgical procedures to correct issues.

Not only is it invasive and painful, but jaw surgery to correct facial growth issues, sleep apnea or jaw conditions like TMJD also required a long — and also painful — recovery process. But in many instances, jaw surgery was not enough to correct problems with facial growth or jaw development issues; it usually also meant years of orthodontic treatment, tooth extractions and other dental procedures to achieve desired results.

But now, there’s a non-invasive alternative to jaw surgery designed to correct central face issues and help redevelop jaws that did not reach their full genetic growth potential. That alternative is facial growth orthodontics intended to grow the upper arch through Anterior Growth Guided Appliance (AGGA) therapy.

AGGA therapy works to gradually to restructure your jaw to reach its correct size without invasive surgery.

AGGA are used to correct crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, airway issues, TMJD or other jaw structure issues.

How Does AGGA Therapy Work?

AGGA are functional appliances that work to expand the upper jaw and facial structure by stimulating the palate’s nerves to trigger the body to begin rebuilding bone tissue throughout the craniofacial region.

This new growth helps fill out the mid-face region, allows the jaws to reach their full growth potential, improves the profile and gives you an overall more youthful appearance.

If the person has grown with the proper stimulation and they have achieved the right size maxilla mandible and its position, or if they haven’t and I could decide and tailor make a treatment plan and orthodontic treatment plan that will regrow the face according to the genetic plan.

What Causes Facial and Jaw Development Issues?

Many things can contribute to impaired facial growth and jaw development, which can contribute to the development of dental, oral health and overall health issues later in life, along with compromised facial aesthetics and airway issues.

These factors include environmental pollution, stress, poor oral behaviors such as extended thumb sucking, diet and tongue-ties.

Proper jaw and facial development can help you:

  • Breathe through your nose comfortably
  • Seal your lips and keep them closed easily
  • Position your tongue correctly in your mouth

AGGA therapy can help correct:

  • Poor oral behaviors, such as thumb or finger sucking
  • Grinding or clenching your teeth, also known as bruxism
  • Mouth size
  • Tooth arrangement
  • Facial and oral muscle strength
  • Jaw health
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Two Types of Anterior Growth Guided Appliances

Anterior growth guidance appliances are usually made of wire and resemble a retainer. There are two primary types of growth guidance appliances: removable and fixed.

Removable Anterior Guided Growth Appliances

Known generally as RAGGA, Removable Anterior Guided Growth Appliances are a type of AGGA that can be taken out when necessary, typically for eating, drinking and practicing your oral hygiene routines of brushing and flossing.

Although RAGGA are removable, they should be worn as much as possible to be effective.

RAGGA are best suited for children who are still waiting for their adult teeth to come in.

RAGGA are appropriate for kids with mid-face issues, TMJ pain, difficulty opening and closing their mouth, poor oral rest posture, and narrow upper airways.

Fixed Anterior Guided Growth Appliances

Fixed AGGAs are often used to treat adults and expand an underdeveloped upper jaw by expanding the upper arch. Expansion of the jaw and improved facial growth gives more space for the adult teeth in the mouth and decreases the need for orthodontic extractions and invasive jaw procedures.

FAGGA can treat TMJD; airway problems, including obstructive sleep apnea; improper oral rest posture; posture problems; and bite issues.

AGGA therapy is often used in connection with other orthodontic treatments, including neuromuscular orthodontics, controlled arch braces, myofunctional therapy and other functional appliances.

Schedule Your Anterior Growth Guided Appliance Consultation

Are you interested in learning more about how AGGA can improve your facial development, decrease your sleep apnea symptoms or help you avoid jaw surgery? Call us to schedule a consultation to determine if an AGGA device or other facial growth orthodontic treatment could solve your functional jaw and fascial aesthetic dental issues.